Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So much to be thankful for....

If I could describe the holiday season in one word,  tradition would just about sum it up for me.  It's all about past tradtions and the new traditions we make each year.  Whether it's eating at Grandma's for Thanksgiving lunch or making that countdown chain to Christmas with the kids.  I eat it all up.  Someone once told me that I needed to grow out of some of my traditions and I just thought it would be the saddest thing to let go of something I hold so dear.  So this year as tradition would have it we had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas.  Besides the normal stuff to be thankful for, this year our family welcomed 3 new lives into it.  Each came with thier own set of difficulties but all 3 have over came them and we are all so very thankful for that.  Tradionally I make greenbean casserole for anything we have at Grandmas.  I've made up my own recipe and I guess it's a hit bc I've been making it for years.  This year though I was told to cook for 26 people.  How on earth was I supposed to know how many cans of green beans to buy. lol!  I bought 12 and inlisted the help of one eager little girl to help me cook mom's specialty.

Another tradion past on from my childhood is watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  This year Emma and Emerson really got into it.  I was so excited for them as they jumped up and down when they saw Dora or Mickey Mouse Balloon.  Of course Santa at the end for my family tradionally marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin

I was so excited to get to spend family time with the kids and watch "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". 

 Little did I know that my children had other things on their minds like...being kids. I guess I live in a dream world where I thought that we would sit in front of the tv and eat the cookies I made and cuddle and watch Charlie Brown.  Emerson opted for a jacuzzi bath with his dad.  Emma decided to play dress up. Drew, well he just wasn't a happy camper at all, so he got sent to bed.  My night was ruined, so I went to bed and watched Charlie Brown by myself.  Poor Jeff knew I was upset with what was happening so he took care of the kids and let me get some shut eye.  So come Friday morning Emma wakes up and says are we watching Charlie Brown tonight?  Seriously!  I love these kids!  They have such a mind of their own though.  As soon as they left the wheels started turning in my head.  We'd have a pumpkin carving/painting night and have my nephew over so Drew would have someone his age to carve with.  Yes, that's what we'd do and we'd watch Charlie Brown.

I made more Ghosts cookies, searched the web for the perfect stencils for the kids pumpkins.

A boxer for Isaac

A pug for Drew

Owl for me
So Emerson got to paint his pumpkin first.  He didn't know what to think.  Jeff had left his phone outside at the shop so Emma went with Daddy and Emerson stayed and painted his pumpkin by himself.  Drew kept wanting to carve his but I wouldn't let him until his surprise came...he didn't know about Isaac.

                            Emerson's Pumpkin


I have lots more I could add and probably should add but I'v been so busy I forgot about this half done blog so I'm just going to leave it for now.  Maybe someday when I'm less busy I will come back and add more pictures.