Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Festival

Did someone mention a fall festival?  Well of course we are going to be there.  By now you know fall is our favorite time of year.  Well,  besides Christmas of course.  We had our first fall festival to attend today and it was loads of fun.  All the hype leading up to it was just as exciting as the festival itself.  We had to get our costumes lined out, treats picked out to make, making the treats and finally getting ready for the big shin dig. This shin dig just so happens to be for my kiddos school.  So it's all about them.  I wanted to make the perfect little treats for them to take for their friends.   I'm always on the lookout for cute things to bake or make for the kids school or for our treats at home and a friend of mine made the cutest little ghost cookies ever and posted them on her blog so I thought I'd give them a try and let them be our treats for the festival.  They are super easy and so cute I thought I'd share them with you as well.

So this is pretty self explainatory but here are the instructions just in case. 
1. Melt your almond bark
2. Roll your cookie in almond bark
3. Place two chocolate chips for the eyes
4. Place on wax paper to dry
We packaged the cookies in little individual packages after they set and added gift tags to add a special touch.

Now that we have the perfect treats it's time to start getting ready for the party.  Drew went fishing with G-Pa and we didn't have a costume for Braden but Emma and Emerson both wore their Halloween costumes.  Emma was so excited to finally get to wear makeup and fix her hair.  It's been weeks since we've done a pageant and she's chomping at the bit to do one.   Here are a few pictures we snapped as we were getting ready.

Getting Ready

It's a most that she lay in my lap as I do her eye liner.

Wish her hair was this thick naturally!

Ready and Waiting

Fall Festival

Off to get the goodies.

Our Friends

Home Sweet Home

The day was a success.  Everyone had a great time.  Little Treasure's put on one great Fall Festival for all the kidos.  If T is going to have a party it's going to be done right.  Emerson's favorite was the pumkin bozo game.  When we got home he decided that he would throw all my little pumkins like balls.  Oh the joys have a boy.  The kids were worn out from all the funa and they crashed.  While they slept I edited pics and made Jeff and I a little snack.  Here's the recipe.  Thanks for checking in with us!


Rolo Pretzals
Ingredients:  Twisted Pretzals, Rolos, Pecan Halves
Place pretzals on a baking sheet

Place rolo's on pretzals and bake at 350 for 5 mins

Press Pecan half onto melted rolo

Friday, October 22, 2010

Reindeer Games? I don't think so!

So yesterday morning I slept in bc I have been in deep need of mommy time to catch up on lost sleep and I've been sick and needed to try and shake it.  Too put it plainly I was in bed sick when I got a phone call that all parents don't want to get.  It was Aunt T, she said I needed to come check Emma out that her and Emerson had been playing "reindeer games" and Emerson jumped into Emma's arms and that now  Emma won't use her left arm.  So I rolled out of bed thinking well I will just go get her and watch her at the house for a while and take her in to Dr. Moore in the afternoon.  Wrongo!  At first sight the little Diva looked to be in terrible distress.  Emma isn't one to cry or whine when she feels bad, she just keeps it to herself but mommy could tell in her eyes she hurt.  So our quick trip right back home turned into a four hour ordeal at the emergency room.

Even in pain the little diva managed to take care of her lips!

Dad soon came to her rescue.  He has always been there for her and she was asking for her Daddy!  She maynot be a Daddy's girl right now but she knows how much he loves her and she needs him.

Daddy giving her noggins trying to make things better for her.

We waited and waited in the little room for 4 hours.  We would have taken her to Dr. Moore but it was right in the middle of lunch.  By the time we got done though we could have seen Dr. Moore and been out.  Anyways....Ends up she kept saying her elbow hurt and complained everytime the Dr. turned it.  They did x-rays and determined that there could be a possible fracture in her growth plate so she has to wear a splint for a week until she see's a doctor at Children's who will determine if she needs a permanent cast.  It took a team of 4 nurses, her dad, and I to splint her arm.  She was in a lot of pain.  After we got her doctored up she wanted to go eat at Chilli's so that's what we did.

The past few days Emma has been stuck at home with Mommy.  We have had a lot of fun together and have had lots of time to bond.  The poor thing hasn't been able to enjoy her favorite past time, playing dress up.  So we have resorted to other fun stuff like coloring, painting our nails, and cooking.  And of course Miss Emma Belle couldn't walk around with an ugly brown ace bandage showing all the time, so we covered it with her favorite leg warmers.  Easier on the eyes plus keeps her from picking at the bandage and we can wash the leg warmers.  Yeah for creativity.

Poor Emma with the "reindeer" aka Bubby,  that knocked her down.

Emma before we made her splint fashionable.

                                  A little more fashionable.  Sleeping with her puppy Prada.

     There's a half of a smile.  All we can get right now.  But she is loving her time with Prada.

So until next week.  We are going to be spending a lot of time together playing and doing Mother/Daughter stuff.  We have a fall festival this weekend and I'm hoping she can fit her big arm threw her costume.  I know it's been a little long but I had a lot to get it.  Thanks for reading!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodbye Pepto....Hello Football

Now that little Diva's room is 75% done I started on the boys "sports themed" room.  I thought Emma's room was a lot of work, but the stuff I did to the walls in the boys rooms took forever but I think the end result will be amazing. 

I love Pottery Barn and just about every room they have set up and I wanted to set up something similar for the fraction of the cost so that's what I am attempting here.  This was Emma's old room so the walls were a great shade of Pepto Bismal pink.  I have to admit it was rather sad painting over it.  It has been that color since before she was born and I loved it, but we had to sacrifice bc the boys needed the extra space.  I went with a denim blue paint color and a faux leather finish on the walls.

I don't know why the picture is sideways but here are the items needed to do a leather faux wall.

To do the faux leather wall you need constructors paint paper. You can buy a large roll at Lowe's for $10.  I gallon of Elmer's glue.  Also found at lowes for about $10.  You mix in a 5 gallon bucket the elmer's glue with equal amounts of water.  Then starts the work...You tear off pieces of paper and wad them up and dip them into the mixture.  Take them out and remove excess water and glue and place on the wall.  Be careful and make sure there are no bubbles or creases.  You also want to use the straight edges of the paper for your border and the smaller the pieces the more worn look you will get.  When you get a section done it will look like this while it's still wet....

When it dries it will look like sueded leather...

I will update the post when I get the boys room completely done. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anniversary, Toot and Moo, and soooo much more

This weekend was full as usual, but was a special weekend for Jeff and I.  A year ago today we renewed our vows in front of our famlies and closest friends.  We got to go out Friday night thanks to Jeff's mom and have some time together without the kiddos.  We went to the mall and picked out fossil watches for each other and then went to Guochos Grill in Little Rock and ate.  Jeff loved it and I liked it, but I think it's more of a manly meal.  Here's a picture of our watches we got each other.

Saturday morning came way to early.  I've been sick all weekend and haven't been able to sleep.  I let the kids and Jeff sleep in until 8:00 and then we were off to the Toot and Moo for Breakfast.  I know it sounds disgusting, but they have great home cooked breakfasts.  

After breakfast we made a flying trip to Lowe's before Jeff's haircut.  We are moving Emma into the boys bedroom bc it's smaller and moving them into Emma's old room. Everything has to be completely redone.  So if you know me you know I'm excited to get to work.  I've got a lot of Emma's room done, but I've been sick so it's been slower than I've wanted it to go. We spent the afternoon watching the game and painting Emma's room.  Well I painted and he would hollar when we were ahead.  I will post her room when I get it all completed.

Today is our actual anniversary and I hardly have a voice, so we missed church today.  I gave Jeff a card I had made for him full of all that stuff that you want to say but never say it and he gave me 3 bouquets of flowers and some limes so that I could make my own flower arrangement.  I thought it was very sweet of him and thoughtful.  He knows I don't like the way most people arrange flowers so he let me be creative.  I never buy flowers just to set out so I never get the practice. 

I was going to make carmel apples but couldn't find the sticks, so this was our anniversary treat while the kids slept.  Overall it's been a great weekend.  Looking forward to a great week.  Until the next time....


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mini Me

It's amazing how much you can get done when your internet goes down and then in the same sense it's amazing how much you miss out on too.  Last Sunday afternoon Emma and I had our first baking session together.  Oh what good times are ahead of us.  She really enjoyed cooking.  Here are a few pictures from our baking session.

Daddy thought it would be great to let her eat the left over frosting.

Until the next one.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend was chalked for of things to do.  I stayed up all night Friday night and cleaned and decorated the house.  Yes that's a must when you have 3 little ones.  Well a must if you want to decorate in peace and put thought into what your doing. 

Saturday we got up and went yard saling for the first time this fall.  I was on the hunt for fall decorations.  Found a few things I could used for fall but the prized find was a black bear holding a sled for xmas for $10.  We got a lot of other neat stuff too.  After that it was lunch at China Star and then my hubby treated me to Vera Bradley for our anninversery.  He is such a softie sometimes. 

We were homeward bound after all the excitement of the day.   First we had to make a quick stop at Basinger's Produce and get a pumpkin, gourds, and butternut squash for our next project.  After doing all this I must say my kids were wore out past the point of going to sleep.  They painted walls,  spilled things, broke crowns, and most of all tried my patience all day long.  Maybe it was because I had no sleep the night before.

Today ran a lot smoother.  We got up and got ready for church.  This is always a hassel.  Getting 5 kids ready plus myself.  It's amazing I don't end up in sweats.  The 5 kids include Jeff.  lol!  After church we met and ate for Jeff and Kyle's birthday.

After dinner we came home and let the kids crash bc they needed some much needed sleep.  Too bad Emerson was the only one who took advantage of it.  Emma and I baked cupcakes.  It was Emma's first time to cook anything she really enjoyed that.  I'm waiting on Jeff to get done with our new cieling fan so I can go to  bed and can watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and then slip off to slumberland.  Good night all.  I will post pics of Emma's baking tomorrow.