Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A crafty closet for now

I have a basement just waiting on me to create the most amazing crafting area, but right now this "purging the house" comes first.  SO...instead of spending endless days on the basement I decided to spend a day on a craft closet and be done with it for a while and then later on I can adjust it to my Scentsy closet.  So this closet is our coat closet which I had turned into Emma's closet since Emma's closet was a dress up closet.  You got all that???

Let's just say Emma get's her neatness from her Aunt Shannon.  HA!!!
I started the day by completely emptying the closet.  Which leads me to another project for tomorrow...Emma's bedroom.  I gathered ribbons, scrapbook paper, my cricut, and lots of other odds and ends that needed a home away from the corner of the room and made a place for them in this closet.

The boxes at the top are 50 cent boxes from wal-mart that I just added scrapbook paper to the front of.  I have big plans for these in my craft room.  I put ribbons in one.  I collect all kinds of ribbons and bows.  If a blanket comes tied up in a bow you better believe I'm keeping it for some use later on.  The other box is for our bags that we take shopping with us.  THAT'S RIGHT WE ARE DOING OUR PART.  :)  I used sweater dividers for my scrapbook paper and scrap material.  I found and old shoe divider and turned it into a mail slot/magazine container.  Everything else is just your basics.  I can't wait to get my craft room done, but until then it feels good to at least have all of this in order.  Medicine cabinet next...

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