Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogger Award....

I recieved this Sylish blogger Award a couple of weeks ago, but am just now getting the time to post about it.  I got the award from what I like to call my "muse"  she is an amaing mom and always, always has a smile on her face.  She was my assistant at Maurcies when we got stuck with the store to ourselves.  She is an amazing person. Get to know her and her blog you will love it.

The Rules:
1. Link Back to the person who awarded you the award
2. List 7 things about yourself
3. Pass along to 7 other stylish bloggers
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

So I can only tell you 7 things about myself so I better be picky about what I say.  Lol!  Somethings you may know already and somethings you may learn about me.

1.  I am a Christian,  Mother, Wife, Step-mom, Daughter, Daughter-In-Law, Sister, Sister-in-Law and a friend.  I like to say that I am a sylish mom but I've kind of lost that syle since my days at Maurcies but the love for everything stylish is still there, my priorities have just shifted a bit.

2.  I have 3 children of my own and 4 step children.  All 7 are fabulous in their own way.  Being a step mom has been one of the most challenging jobs in my life bc I want to be these children's step mom's not their mother's and there is a very fine line that you don't cross as I wouldn't want someone to cross that line with Drew.  It's a challenge everyday but I love each and every child in their own special way.

3.  I want 2011 to be the year I become a more organized person.  You know they say that crafty artsy people aren't neat and I think they are so right and I'm determined to change this about myself this year.  It hasn't came as easliy as I have wished but I'm working on it everyday.  My sink has been clean everyday.  (look at post above)

4. I love to plan parties of any kind.  Be them little teas for Emma or a wedding.  I want to get my hands on the plans and make them come true and make each and every dream a reality.  I love the end result and how fulfilled you feel when people see your work and are just amazed by it.  This is not a job for me but comes very easily, I would love to do this as a living someday.  Jeff has made all of my dreams come true so far so maybe this one will too.  I want to have a boutique where I can sit down with Mom's and Brides, Mothers to be and friends to help organize an plan the perfect party for their speical someone.

5.  Photography is a hobby of mine.  I love to take pictures.  I started out just taking pictures of my own kids and have been asked many times to take pictures of others.  I love taking pictures and editing pictures.  It's another passion of mine. 

6.  Yes I am a Pageant mom!!!  If you had come to me when Emma was a baby or even before and asked me what I thought about pageants I'd tell you they were bad for kids and that you shouldn't put your kids in them, that they were too worldly.  WOW how I have changed.  While I am open to that opinion still I have others that I have developed.  All 3 of my kids have been in pageants and all 3 love them.  That's the key that they love what they are doing and feel good about themselves afterwards.  You want it to be something they get to do not something that you make them do. That's the way I look at it for now.  Emma is on a roll and it has done nothing but boost her confidence.  She has made amazing friends that she will cherish for a lifetime.  Drew and Emma were both scouted my a modeling agency in Kentucky.  Drew had a photo shoot while we were there.  This made Drew's confidence in himself sky rocket.  I am very blessed with my beautiful family and I will never take that for granted but more than that they are beautiful from the inside out and it shines in their daily life.

7.  I love to cook.  For Christmas Jeff bought me all kinds of new kitchen gadgets.  I'm bound and determined to cook more in the next year.  I am a good cook.  It kind of gets old when people say wow I thought Shannon would be the cook in the family. Nope that's me...she has other great qualities that I aspire to have... like how organized she is or how she can make a budget and stick to it.  Yep those are my weeknesses and her strengths.  We are exact opposites and our kids are our exact opposites.  That's right...Isaac has my faults and Drew has Shannon's strengths. 

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