Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill

Ok so I always go overboard for my kidos birthday.  It's just something I love to do.  I love to plan and have parties of any kind.  This year though Christmas seemed to last so long and time just slipped away from me and it was time to plan the kids parties.  Since the kids were born I wanted to do a "Jack and Jill" themed b'day party since I had two small children.  This was the year.  Emma isn't old enough to say that she wants her own party and next year she will be 5 so we have to have a big blow out for that party. 

I sent out invitations with a vintage picture of Jack and Jill on the front and the nursery rhyme on the inside.  I wanted to change the rhyme up since it so perfectly fit that Emma would come tumbling down breaking her crown, but decided to just leave it alone.  I kept the party very simple this year.  One there wasn't a lot of kids and two I coudn't rack my brain for ideas for the party.  I tried to find scrapbook paper with nursery rhyme theme and that was a no go so the party kind of shifted to bright colors.  I found your typical party hat at The Dollar Tree and worked my magic.  I took it apart making my own pattern to cover the hat with.  I cut out scrapbook paper and covered the hats and added pom poms around the edge and one at the top.  SO CUTE!!!

So after I made the hat I started to get in the groove and started thinking up more ideas.  I was going for a vintage theme the whole time so I bought orange, grape, strawberry crush, and root beer in the glass bottles.  I covered the labels with the same scrapbook paper.  Just to add a splash of color and a more vintage look.

I used brown lunch sacks for the party favors and cut out  a back ground of the same paper and printed out thank you's from the computer and attached them to the bag.  I added tissue paper to add even more color.

Everyone had a place at the table and I had place settings set.  I used extra white sheets to cover my chairs and tied them off with tulle.  I've done this since Emma's 2nd b'day.  It makes for great pictures and gives you a blank canvas to work with.  Each place setting had a plate, fork and spoon wrapped in a napkin with a ring of paper and a pom pom attached to close it.   They had a Jack and Jill coloring page.  The neatest thing of all though was the little pales I found at Dollar Tree.  I wrapped them with the same paper and filled them with crayons.  Here's a picture of the place setting.

I made tissue paper pom poms and a homemade banner to hang from our lighting fixtures.  I couldn't think of any other decorations other than pictures of nursery rhymes so I just left it simple.  Sometimes less is more.

Now besides the kids there's one thing missing....THE CAKE!!!!  I've done the kids cake every year but this year and I thought they deserved the best so my cousin Amanda made their Pale of water.  The pefect center piece for the table.

She did a great job on the cake.


Birthday BOY!!!! 

Birthday Girl!!!

Baby Cousins!!!!

Playing "Ring around the Rosey"

 The party was a hit!  I could have done a lot more games with the kids but it was cold and a lot of the ideas I had involved things that needed to be done outside.  Didn't want any sick kidos.   I hope you have enjoyed this post.  I'm always up for planning a party so if you ever need help just hollar at me.


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