Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ok so this is a lot for me to just come out and show you the pictures of my not so organized life.  This I think we help make me more organized.  I got this idea from a I'm going to do a different variation but keep the same concept.  Today I had tons of laundry to do so I decided to PURGE my laundry room.

Like I said...tons of laundry

To get the complete idea of purge...I TOOK EVERYTHING but the washer and dryer out of the laundry room.  True it made an even bigger mess but the end result was no less than MR. CLEAN.
After cleaning everything out I dusted and mopped the floor.  I reorganized my canvas bins and added labels so that the hubs would know where everything went.  This really got me in the mood to do laundry and I'm just about done with it all.
Back in busniess.  Next post will be more detailed.  Have a party to plan.  Hope I've inspired someone to do the same.


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