Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goals for 2011

So I have a few goals and asperations for the new year. Ok so I have A LOT!!! My life right now is chaotic to say the least. I have 3 kids of my own and 4 step kids. I need to get organized for my sake and for the sake of the famiy. So they say if you right it down your ten times more likely to follow thru with it so here it goes. I hope this gives you some ideas too.

*Put your shoes on...which means Angela, get up out of bed and get dressed and ready for the day even if your not going anywhere.

*Count your BLESSSINGS...  start each day with a prayer thanking God for all of our many blessing.  I can't think of a more wonderful way to send my kids off to school.

*  A Day for this a Day for that....  I want to actually have a day set aside to do certain cleaning. errands, and crafts.

*  What's for DINNER...I want to plan at least 5 meals a week to make from scratch.  I want to make grocery list accordingly and make one trip to the grocery store for those ingredients.  Along with this I want to start using coupons and comparison shopping.

Shine the sink....keeping a shiney sink means a clean kitchen.  I want to end each night with a shiney sink and a shiney floor.

Where does that go?.... have no tolerance for toys left out.  Be it mine or the kids.

To me if I make this a law everyday to live by then our life will be far more organized.  Continue checking in.  I have weekly and monthly goals to set too.

For interesting reading check out  In the weeks to come I plan on purging my house and she has done and hope you will follow.

Thanks for reading!


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